Alerces Spanish Preschool & Kindergarten Inc.

Nurturing mindful, creative, bilingual children

Alerces Bilingual Teachers

Maru Aguirre & Bati McComas

The passion and will of Maru and Bati to change the landscape of Early childhood education in Saskatoon inspired the creation of Alerces Spanish Preschool & Kindergarten. Read more about their mission and vision here.

Vanessa Galarza

I come from Ecuador. My education includes a bachelor degree of Child Psychology and Psychorehabilitation, and a postgraduate degree as M.D.  in University Teaching and Educational Administration. I have been teaching for over twenty years. I have had the opportunity to work in different areas as a teacher and coordinator in preschool. I have found that teaching little children is marvellous and magical. 

Adventure, exploration, discovery, and creativity are experiences that I always try to provide to my students; as well as the inspiration to learn with love in a wonderful place. 

Daniella Garcia Lugo

Although I was born in Canada I spent most of my life in Venezuela. I earned a Bachelor of Education with a major in Early Childhood Education from the University of Los Andes. I have been a preschool teacher for almost 15 years. My professional experience includes the position of head teacher for nursery school children, preschool coordinator, and educational advisor for children living in refuge. I really enjoy working with children, so I feel privileged accompanying them on their educational journey and at the same time learning constantly from those little great masters.


Blanca Mirna Quintanilla

I was born in El Salvador, Central America and graduated from high school in 1986. I received a diploma in physics and math at the National Institute Francisco Morazan as well as computer science at Jose Matias Delgado University. In 1992 I moved to Canada with my husband and completed my studies in Early Childhood Education. I spent the majority of my teaching career teaching Spanish at Mount Royal Collegiate for 14 years through the multilingual programs.

In 1998 I graduated from the University of Saskatchewan with a degree focused on the methods of teaching heritage languages.

I am the proud mother of two adult daughters and a school aged son.

Daniela Trujillo

I'm Daniela Trujillo. I was raised in Colombia and have been in Canada for 3 years.

I was born into a home where my parents were both teachers and owned their own private school; It is there where my love for education was nurtured. I received my Business Administration degree while in Colombia, and right after I moved to Canada I started substitute teaching at Alerces. Here I am pursuing my goals related to teaching by taking an Early Childhood Development certificate, and also fostering my passion for education at Alerces.
My goal is to continue to pursue this teaching career. I want to inspire children through their love for learning, expanding their knowledge, and discover the world around them.

Anabel Lopez Gomez

I'm Anabel Lopez Gomez and I'm from Ensenada B.C.N., Mexico. I have a Masters Degree in Education. I'm very passionate about education and working with little ones, helping them to flourish and enjoy learning through experiences.


I have been in Saskatoon for 4 years. I'm married and I have 2 children.

I'm very approachable and love to develop good communication with children and their families.